Solemn Dignity Of A God

What he is not, cannot be easily seen . What he is is something sacred.

Those lives blessed with his presence without reverence ultimately bow to his divinity.

He is of an unnatural place to which I once was a stranger but as a friend he has welcomed me .

His solemn dignity has birthed in me a feeling to which I cannot give a name it is of tremendous power

seperate from the monotonousness of my regular emotions, it is in itself its own entity.

I regard the sensation I feel to the power I’m given just by the simplicity of him looking at me.

I bless his success’ and hope to live the day that he conquers the world.

They will praise him as the King that he is, a vessel of love, courage and strength a unit of influence

endowed with words that give life.

He is a gift to all others, he is purpose, he is hope , he is everything.

He is what the world needs.


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