My wonderful idea!

First we would be introduced. Simultaneously we would develop our uninvited opinions about one another. I’m thinking your radiant, your thinking I’m all of what they say man is and isn’t maybe a bit arrogant. I feel that energy and audible into a more humble approach. I’m thinking we can make a good team. I’m thinking we have a energy to build on. I would like to know more about your existence, where do you come from, what do you represent, what do you believe in if anything. How do you shave your legs over the tub or in the tub? Soap or crystals, oil or body mist? because you smell amazing. Your hair is fresh your nails are natural your skin is well taken care of I see. You speak with simplicity, maybe perhaps not to be misunderstood. What should our first conversation be about? What would offend you, what would stimulate you mentally, physically and more important so spiritually. Shall we go public news, sports or worldly events? Or education, occupations, or religion? I have a thought why don’t we just start with life and a meal.


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