The 1am text

I know your probably sleep at this moment but I’ll proceed to speak to you anyway. I haven’t had the pleasure to watch you sleep but I hope one day I can visualize you in your “peace mode”. I would assume it’s an amazing site to see. I think as people we take the most precious things in life for granted. I was told when a person can peacefully venture into a quite sleep in your presence it is said to be a sign of trust. I chose to speak with you at this moment because it allows me to speak my peace without any interruptions. First I would like to thank you for giving me a portion of your energy. I must say it is very “nuclear” in it’s own right. 2nd I would like to experience more of it but more from a spiritual aspect if your ok with that. I know we have taken certain steps that may seem a bit advanced but we have many realms of energy that we can endeavor in that is way more advanced than the usual sharing of energy. If your willing as I am myself to keep an open mind, I think our friendship can withstand the test of time and knock down walls. I am not here as a robber of energy as you sleep but only here to speak to you in your most peaceful moment. I’ll earn the trust hopefully one day as a friend. In the meanwhile I just wanted to speak to you and say I look forward to becoming acquainted with your inner energy “the lady within”. I know she’s amazing and I’m honored she’s my friend, bond chic, homie, kissing partner, etc., etc., etc.,


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